Microblading Basics 101

What is Microblading?

For starters, consider Microblading as eyebrow landscaping. The focus is on creating the best shaped eyebrow for your face. The effectiveness of the process depends on the precision. A handheld pen like tool with a dozen needles at the end is used for this technique. These needles don’t pierce the skin, but gently scratch the surface. The needle provides featherweight strokes on the epidermis of the skin.

Microblading eyebrows Vs. Tattooed eyebrows – Key differences

Microblading is done via a handheld tool and several needles. Tattooed eyebrows on the other hand are done with a machine and single needle. Microblading tattoos are semi-permanent while regular tattoos are permanent. Unlike tattooing, Microblading doesn’t penetrate till deep layer of the skin. It is done on the upper layer of dermis.

Procedure and costs

Microblading treatment procedures and costs vary based on where you live. In the United Kingdom, it costs you £500 on average. The consultation, initial treatment plus the top ups may take a couple of months. You need to follow after care instructions in the meantime. It’s crucial to avoid scratching or picking. A slight irritation can be felt when the healing is underway.

What happens during Microblading?

Firstly the brow is shaped by threading the hairs. The surrounding area is cleaned up and prepared for treatment. The numbing is done with topical ointment. While numbing is on, discuss the best shade possible. The brows are measured and shape of face is accounted for. Then the needling process begins by implanting pigment through light strokes. The final layer of pigment is added and left for 5 minutes. In 6-8 weeks, a top-up session is given to fill in any possible gaps in pigment.

Getting the right shape and color…

Clients usually bring in images of brow styles they like. Everything is possible if you are dealt by good hands. You can get your preferable shade or color on eyebrows. However, it’s advisable to choose darker shades. Going in with a more natural shade is preferred. Getting the perfect shape is of paramount importance. Professionals use a Microblading ruler for this purpose. Once the measurements are done, they freehand the final shape.

How long does it lasts?

Microblading lasts anything from 1 to 1.5 years. The longevity is directly associated with your skin type. People with oily skin enjoy the least longevity. The brows fade away if it isn’t given top-ups in future. There are no risks of discoloration or scarring after the process. Hence, it’s hard to notice the fading out unfortunately.

Can it be reversed later?

Yes, you can undo it later. The treatment leaves no discoloration and scarring. You can use strong salt solution to remove pigment.  It must be noted that the shades are usually too dark during the first week.  There is no need to wish for removal during that period. Once the healing is complete, the color gradually tones down. Wait till you see the final coloring before deciding to undo Microblading effects.

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